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students of all ages

Welcome to the Econ Lowdown Online Learning Module Instructor Management Panel. This tool allows you to:

  • assign your students their student code and password
  • register your students for online courses and videos
  • monitor student progress in each of the online courses
  • view the results of students' pre- and post-test results
  • complete professional development


Discussion Board

Students and teachers may discuss key economic concepts in this virtual classroom. Discussion board questions are included on specific pages within the courses. Teachers may also add their own questions to the discussion board. In some instances, teacher guidance is provided for suggested responses to the questions.

Online Polling

Similar to classroom response systems, teachers may virtually send questions to their students to check comprehension, gain attention and generate discussion. Summaries of the student responses can be shown in real time to both instructors and students.

Assessment Reporting

You may use the student data section to determine what parts of the course students have completed. You may also view the pre-and post-test scores. These data may be used by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis to evaluate the success of its programs.